Recent Work -

 Home Page of the John Zeuli Website

John found me by way of a Google search.  We met and discussed what he wanted for a website.  He handed me a multipage document and said that this was his idea for the site. He gave me what he envisioned for the entire site in one well formed document. 

John didn't want to have a lot of pictures on his site.  We had one on the home page and that was enough.  His vision was about having a conversation with his audience, and I think we managed that very well.  The navigation is clear and attractive.  Each page answers one or more questions you might have before contacting him for consultation.  It works.  

Here is the John Zeuli website

Google Feud - Like Family Feud for Google AutoComplete

If you like watching Family Feud and think you'd be awesome, here is your chance.  It's Google Feud!  Just wander over to Google Feud to play.  Choose from 4 types of fill in the blank categories -- Culture, People, Names and Questions.  Then simply guess at what the most popular matches are, Just like Family Feud, except these answers are based off of Google's most popular search terms.  They come from the AutoComplete feature that fills in popular answers to what you begin to type in the Google search engine.  Have fun!!

 Google Feud game display